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Sale DateCause NumberDefendant NameProperty AddressCityProperty IDPlaintiff NameAttorney NameJudgment AmountMin. BidCounty NameSale Results 
09/17/201584D03-1503-MF-01989Pulsford, Marlene 2519 S 8th St Terre Haute84-06-34-305-011.000-002Bank of New YorkFeiwell & Hannoy $63,005.25 VigoActiveSelect
09/17/201584D06-1405-MF-3655Belcher, Tyler 2359 E Clayton Dr Terre Haute84-09-26-377-006.000-004Laview LoanFeiwell & Hannoy $105,193.89 VigoActiveSelect
10/15/201584D01-1502-MF-00944Jones, Jeffrey & Susan 1711 S 6th St Terre Haute84-06-33-226-009.000-002DeutscheFeiwell & Hannoy $84,333.04 VigoActiveSelect
10/15/201584D03-1501-MF-0494Montgomery,Leland 1820 N 8th St Terre Haute84-06-15-109-013.000-002Harbour PortfolioFeiwell & Hannoy $40,418.03 VigoActiveSelect
10/15/201584D06-1502-MF-01082Shell, Timothy & Amy 405 S 18th St Terre Haute84-06-27-228-017.000-002LPPFeiwell & Hannoy $59,274.56 VigoActiveSelect
10/15/201584D01-1501-MF-478Berkley, Bill & Audrea 7300 S Kingswood St Terre haute84-09-22-376-015.000-004Regions BankFeiwell & Hannoy $163,768.01 VigoActiveSelect
10/15/201584D03-1503-MF-01368Logan, Scott & Amy 3773 E Phillips Ave Terre Haute84-02-36-403-013.000-013Wells FargoFeiwell & Hannoy $58,473.99 VigoActiveSelect
10/15/201584D03-1503-MF1848Roberts, Donn 8087 S State Rd 63 Terre Haute84-08-25-159-006.000-017Harbour Portfolio VII, LPFeiwell & Hannoy $35,093.27 VigoActiveSelect
10/15/201584D03-1412-MF-09343Certain, Steven 2520 Arleth St Terre haute84-06-33-331-002.000-002Wells FargoUnterberg & Associates $46,652.76 VigoActiveSelect
09/17/201584D01-1504-MF-02203Miller, Diana 132 S 25th St Terre haute84-06-23-402-012.000-002Wells FargoUnterberg & Associates $80,595.65 VigoActiveSelect
09/17/201584D03-1502-MF-01331Beasley, Gary & Jane 2626 Dean Ave Terre Haute84-06-26-405-021.000-002, 84-06-26-405-022.000-002Fifth ThirdDoyle Legal $71,077.68 VigoActiveSelect
09/17/201584D06-1409-MF-07280Leigh, Justin 1354 Walnut St Terre Haute84-06-22-456-009.000-002Fifth thirdDoyle Legal $50,717.75 VigoActiveSelect
09/17/201584D03-1211-MF-10258Halter, David 3122 N 23rd St Terre Haute84-06-11-109-018.000-002Santander BankDoyle Legal $51,769.66 VigoActiveSelect
09/17/201584D03-1504-MF-02192Chopson, Mary 4805 S 10th St Terre Haute84-09-10-352-027.000-004Old NationalDoyle Legal $49,377.08 VigoActiveSelect
09/17/201584D03-1206-MF-5158Pence, Nathan & Amy 544 S 29th St Terre Haute84-06-26-226-016.000-002US BankFoutty & Foutty, LLP $88,226.88 VigoActiveSelect
09/17/201584D04-1311-MF-9456Carlson, Charles & Anna 2140 Deming St Terre Haute84-06-26-153-009.000-002US BankFoutty & Foutty, LLP $59,004.92 VigoActiveSelect
10/15/201584D03-1505-MF-3023Nasser, Carol et al 713 Indiana Ave Terre Haute84-06-10-309-004.000-002CitiMortgageFoutty & Foutty, LLP $82,046.04 VigoActiveSelect
10/15/201584D03-1203-MF-2039Featherston, Donald & Tammy 604 N 40th St Terre Haute84-06-13-328-028.000-002CV XXVII LLCNelson & Frankenberger $83,771.99 VigoActiveSelect
10/15/201584D03-1504-MF-2657Dispennett, Dan et al 729 N 11th St Terre Haute84-06-22-130-002.000-002JPMCNelson & Frankenberger $37,329.74 VigoActiveSelect
10/15/201584D06-1410-MF-07942Altvater, Andrew & Kristi et al 2222 N Main St Terre Haute84-07-11-379-005.000-010The Bank of New York MellonReisenfeld & Associates $62,097.07 VigoActiveSelect
10/15/201584D03-1207-MF-6371Mullenix, Virginia et al 3324 Golfview Ct Terre Haute84-09-03-326-003.000-004Bank of New YorkReisenfeld & Associates $167,250.98 VigoActiveSelect
10/15/201584D03-1502-MF-01345Pullum, David et al 1115 Delaware Ave Terre Haute84-06-10-329-001.000-002Pacific Union FinancialReisenfeld & Associates $87,746.89 VigoActiveSelect
10/15/201584D03-1110-MF-9953Edwards, Dana 15051 S US Hwy 41 Terre Haute84-13-27-200-006.000-006DeutscheKrisor & Associates $79,721.31 VigoActiveSelect
09/17/201584D02-1410-MF-8038Trueblood Jr., Ronald et al 2317 N Stop 19 Terre Haute84-07-11-305-015.000-010The Bank of New YorkBleecker, Brodey & Andrews $82,036.36 VigoActiveSelect
10/15/201584D04-1408-MF-06628Eldredge, Curtis & Darlene 6945 W Concannon Ave W. Terre haute84-05-04-400-008.000-021First Financial BankWright, Shagley & Lowery $89,782.60 VigoActiveSelect
09/17/201584D03-1504-MF-2403Hamrick, Donald & Joanna 1129 E Wood Ln Terre haute84-09-15-129-010.000-004First Financial BankWilkinson,Goeller,Modesitt,Wilkinson & Drummy $74,411.64 VigoActiveSelect
09/17/201584D03-1502-MF-1180Jerrell, Luke et al 1896 W India Dr Terre Haute84-09-19-476-001.000-003Regions BankMercer Belanger $61,759.98 VigoActiveSelect
10/15/201584D06-1504-MF-02682Love, Steven et al 2448 S 8th St Terre haute84-06-34-302-013.000-002RegionsMercer Belanger $37,932.57 VigoActiveSelect
09/17/201584D06-1412-MF-9382Compton, Richard et al 2319 4th Ave Terre Haute84-06-14-376-004.000-002PNC BankMercer Belanger $37,941.06 VigoActiveSelect
09/17/201584D04-1503-MF-01376Garcia, Lisa et al 4108 E 76th Ave Terre Haute84-02-24-276-011.000-013Southwest Stage FundingShapiro, Van Ess, Phillips & Barragate, LLP $128,855.09 VigoActiveSelect
10/15/201584D01-1502-MF-00928Aldrich, Gloria 9175 Bono Rd Terre Haute84-09-35-176-004.000-004Bank of AmericaMarinosci Law Group $64,746.74 VigoActiveSelect
10/15/201584D03-1504-MF-2531Throckmartin, Harold 2324 Chase St Terre Haute84-06-23-127-005.000-002, 84-06-23-127-011.000-002US BankManley Deas Kochalski $137,959.98 VigoActiveSelect
10/15/201584D02-1502-MF-01215Winkley, William & Carol 1115 E Oregon Church Rd Terre haute84-13-10-100-006.000-006DeutscheManley Deas Kochalski $74,713.01 VigoActiveSelect
09/17/201584D03-1503-MF-01564Sills, Jason 2305 Warren St Terre Haute84-06-23-336-001.000-002Wells FargoManley Deas Kochalski $91,156.81 VigoActiveSelect
10/15/201584D03-1407-MF-05751Franklin, Karen et al 7564 N 42nd St Terre Haute84-02-24-281-008.000-113Ocwen LoanManley Deas Kochalski $143,209.05 VigoActiveSelect
10/15/201584D01-1505-MF-03008Lemay, Cheryl 3751 W Newton Dr Terre Haute84-08-25-351-009.000-017Terre Haute SavingsLind Law Firm $40,364.31 VigoActiveSelect