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Sale DateCause NumberDefendant NameProperty AddressCityProperty IDPlaintiff NameAttorney NameJudgment AmountMin. BidCounty NameSale Results 
04/16/201584D03-1410-MF-7838Maners, Warren et al 3090 Barnhardt Rd W. Terre Haute84-06-08-126-004.000-021JPMorganFeiwell & Hannoy $44,349.21 VigoActiveSelect
04/16/201584D06-1410-MF-7612Hillenburg, Betty 1436 3rd Ave Terre Haute84-06-15-452-024.000-002PNCFeiwell & Hannoy $33,159.02 VigoActiveSelect
04/16/201584D06-1407-MF-5654Killen, Wesley 1559 S 17th St Terre Haute84-06-27-478-006.000-002JPMorganFeiwell & Hannoy $31,117.95 VigoActiveSelect
04/16/201584D03-1408-MF-06549Haney, Bill 1028 S 7th St Terre haute84-06-27-160-005.000-002Sequoia Finanacial SolutionsFeiwell & Hannoy $97,124.11 $0.00 VigoCancelledSelect
05/21/201584D01-1410-MF-8070Denger, Joyce 6095 Planett Rd Terre Haute84-03-29-301-004.000-012Federal National Mortgage AsscFeiwell & Hannoy $111,383.16 VigoActiveSelect
05/21/201584D03-0804-MF-4484Hulman, Theodore 2037 N 7th St Terre Haute84-06-15-1010-008.000-002US BankFeiwell & Hannoy $107,564.59 VigoActiveSelect
05/21/201584D04-1404-MF-2619Sedletzeck, Anthony & Heather 1806 S 25th St Terre haute84-06-35-205-003.000-002JPMorgan ChaseFeiwell & Hannoy $64,815.36 VigoActiveSelect
05/21/201584D02-1409-MF-7506Rogers, Richard 727 N 14th St Terre Haute84-06-22-203-008.000-002HSBC BankFeiwell & Hannoy $30,210.57 VigoActiveSelect
05/21/201584D03-1408-MF-06758Sims, Duane & Toni 10987 Ole Foxe Rd Terre Haute84-07-01-402-002.000-007Wells FargoFeiwell & Hannoy $158,945.32 VigoActiveSelect
05/21/201584D02-1406-MF-05034Stewart, David 1911 Washington Ave Terre Haute84-06-26-351-003.000-002Wells FargoUnterberg & Associates $66,900.13 VigoActiveSelect
04/16/201584D02-1108-MF-08069Terrando, Leo et al 9900 N US Hwy 41 Rosedale84-02-11-276-001.000-013US BankUnterberg & Associates $171,031.33 VigoActiveSelect
04/16/201584D03-1310-MF-08670Dawson, charles & Bonnie 3955 E Sierra Ave Rosedale84-02-01-453-004.000-012, 84-02-01-453-005.000-012Green TreeUnterberg & Associates $130,092.29 VigoActiveSelect
04/16/201584D04-1409-MF-6989Dean, Rita 1926 N 10th St Terre haute84-06-15-107-014.000-002Fifth ThirdDoyle Legal $43,992.77 VigoActiveSelect
05/21/201584D01-1308-MF-7180Scott, Tami & Jay 1452 S Wild Rose Pl W. Terre Haute84-05-26-351-010.000-021, 84-05-26-351-011.000-021BeneficialDoyle Legal $212,027.95 VigoActiveSelect
05/21/201584D03-1305-MF-05327Wiggins, Ruth et al 10875 S Hutchinson St Terre Haute84-14-06-379-005.000-015Fifth Third Mortgage CoDoyle Legal $74,325.99 VigoActiveSelect
05/21/201584D01-1401-MF-00434Edwards, Jaelyn 2239 Frisco Ave Terre Haute84-06-02-178-017.000-002NationstarDoyle Legal $67,249.04 VigoActiveSelect
05/21/201584D03-1411-MF-8442Lindsey, Ronald et al 1011 N 38th St Terre Haute84-06-13-127-013.000-002Fifth Third Mortgage CoDoyle Legal $86,870.75 VigoActiveSelect
05/21/201584D03-1302-MF-02015Richards, Christopher 1950 Walden Ct Terre Haute84-06-36-154-002.000-002JPMorgan Chase BankDoyle Legal $104,682.68 VigoActiveSelect
05/21/201584D01-1308-MF-7041Byerley, Kevin & Tiffany 2119 Arleth St Terre Haute84-06-33-177-027.000-002Branch BankingFoutty & Foutty, LLP $93,333.27 VigoActiveSelect
05/21/201584D04-1409-MF-6945DAuria, Wendy 614 Morton St Terre Haute84-06-33-282-006.000-002US BankFoutty & Foutty, LLP $46,147.38 VigoActiveSelect
05/21/201584D06-1312-MF-10722Floyd, Jefferson & Lorie et al 2350 Seabury Ave Terre Haute84-06-26-380-011.000-002US BankFoutty & Foutty, LLP $68,606.59 $0.00 VigoCancelledSelect
05/21/201584D06-1410-MF-7657Campbell, Michael 1352 Winterberry Ct Terre Haute84-09-27-252-017.000-004MidFirst BankFoutty & Foutty, LLP $74,974.13 VigoActiveSelect
04/16/201584D03-1208-MF-7100Wheeler, Gary 211 W Riggy Ave W. Terre Haute84-06-19-485-004.000-022US BankFoutty & Foutty, LLP $51,819.84 VigoActiveSelect
04/16/201584D03-1206-MF-4738Easton, Dustin et al 7471 N Sleepy Ln St Terre Haute84-03-23-279-001.000-011JPMorganReisenfeld & Associates $67,152.97 VigoActiveSelect
04/16/201584D04-1404-MF-02276Hickey, Leslie et al 2009 N 20th St Terre Haute84-06-14-106-010.000-002BBJD VenturesReisenfeld & Associates $52,343.64 VigoActiveSelect
05/21/201584D04-1311-MF-9287Warren, George 48 N Chamberlain St Terre Haute84-07-21-400-017.000-008Bank of New York MellonReisenfeld & Associates $79,003.31 VigoActiveSelect
04/16/201584D06-1402-MF-946Cofield, Mary Ann 2229 Liberty Ave Terre Haute84-06-23-163-006.000-002DeutscheBleecker, Brodey & Andrews $57,915.97 VigoActiveSelect
04/16/201584D03-1012-MF-10887Deakins, Donald 8329 E Rio Grande Ave Terre Haute84-03-22-100-009.000-011Bank of New YorkBleecker, Brodey & Andrews $254,194.07 VigoActiveSelect
04/16/201584D01-1406-MF-4347Goff, Mark & Ann 1526 S Sixth St Terre Haute84-06-28-480-004.000-002HSBCBleecker, Brodey & Andrews $92,515.75 VigoActiveSelect
04/16/201584D03-1207-MF-6102Wilbur, Diana 2914 Hulman St Terre Haute84-06-26-480-014.000-002DeutscheBleecker, Brodey & Andrews $61,700.44 VigoActiveSelect
04/16/201584D03-1402-MF-1433Cecil, John & Bonita 1117 S 10th St Terre Haute84-06-27-303-012.000-002First FinancialWright, Shagley & Lowery $14,566.27 VigoActiveSelect
04/16/201584D03-1402-MF-1429Cook, Ronald & Debra 3024 & 3026 S 8th St Terre Haute84-09-03-102-008.000-005, 84-09-03-102-009.000-005First FinancialWright, Shagley & Lowery $149,591.58 VigoActiveSelect
04/16/201584D04-0906-MF-05594McClelland Agency Inc 2971 S. 13-1/2 St. Terre Haute84-06-34-454-021.000-002First Financial BankCox, Zwerner, Gambill & Sullivan, LLP $45,047.97 VigoActiveSelect
05/21/201584D06-1412-MF-9197Lee, Lisa et al 1650S Brown Ave Terre Haute84-06-25-351-040.000-002First Financial BankCox, Zwerner, Gambill & Sullivan, LLP $117,814.66 VigoActiveSelect
04/16/201584D06-1405-MF-3810Hamrick, Stacey et al 9381 N Early Pl New Goshen84-02-07-379-001.000-025Livermore Valley InvestmentsBurke, Costanza & Cuppy $39,572.87 VigoActiveSelect
05/21/201584D03-1412-MF-09162Wroblewski, Phillip et al 2115 S Center St Terre Haute84-06-33-280-010.000-002NationstarShapiro, Van Ess, Phillips & Barragate, LLP $100,233.11 VigoActiveSelect
05/21/201584D01-1408-MF-6281Leturgez, Richard & Terri 609 Linden St Terre Haute84-06-16-231-003.000-002Bank of New York MellonMarinosci Law Group $156,575.68 VigoActiveSelect
04/16/201584D02-1207-MF-06446Durham, Lyman et al 8037 N Weger St Terre Haute84-02-23-227-003.000-013US BankManley Deas Kochalski $92,148.27 VigoActiveSelect
04/16/201584D03-1402-MF-01292Lawrence, Susan 135 S 22nd St Terre Haute84-06-23-307-027.000-002Ocwen LoanManley Deas Kochalski $80,925.37 VigoActiveSelect
05/21/201584D03-1411-MF-08578Sheets, Chris & Mary 1312 S 9th St Terre Haute84-06-27-311-003.000-002US BankManley Deas Kochalski $107,249.34 VigoActiveSelect
05/21/201584D03-1408-MF-06411Smith, Sharon & Jerry 2430 Seabury Ave Terre Haute84-06-26-381-010.000-002Wells FargoManley Deas Kochalski $57,892.05 VigoActiveSelect
05/21/201584D03-1408-MF-06609Patten, Jennie et al 3026 W Kennett Dr Terre Haute84-08-25-400-004.000-017Wells FargoManley Deas Kochalski $83,214.73 VigoActiveSelect
05/21/201584D03-1405-MF-04035Alic, Adnan et al 3124 N 13th St Terre Haute84-06-10-129011.000-002Terre Haute Savings BankLind Law Firm $61,980.15 VigoActiveSelect
05/21/201584D02-1204-MF-3129Marion, Peggy 184 N McQuilken W. Terre Haute84-06-19-379-012.000-022Terre Haute Savings BankLind Law Firm $65,189.84 VigoActiveSelect