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Sale DateCause NumberDefendant NameProperty AddressCityProperty IDPlaintiff NameAttorney NameJudgment AmountMin. BidCounty NameSale Results 
10/16/201484D04-1402-MF-1513Long, Lisa & Stephen 1910 S 22nd St Terre Haute84-06-35-112-003.000-002PNCFeiwell & Hannoy $22,491.88 VigoActiveSelect
10/16/201484D01-1307-MF-6570Switzer, Jackie & Gary 811 Windsor Rd Terre Haute84-09-10-352-005.000-004US BankFeiwell & Hannoy $102,005.74 $0.00 VigoCancelledSelect
10/16/201484D03-1403-MF-2003Crawley, Linda 2011 Barton Ave Terre Haute84-06-35-133-007.000-002BMOFeiwell & Hannoy $71,564.46 VigoActiveSelect
10/16/201484D06-1308-MF-6896Chrisman, Jennifer 630 S 22nd St Terre Haute84-06-26-130-009.000-002US BankFeiwell & Hannoy $72,539.32 VigoActiveSelect
10/16/201484D06-1312-MF-10593Hampton, Terrill 819 S 4th St Terre Haute84-06-28-254-008.000-002Wells FargoFeiwell & Hannoy $64,545.89 $0.00 VigoCancelledSelect
10/16/201484D03-1311-MF-09540Shaw, Shawn 2405 S 9th St Terre Haute84-06-34-302-014.000-002Wells FargoUnterberg & Associates $69,382.17 VigoActiveSelect
10/16/201484D06-1401-MF-00409Shafer, Warren, Nina 800 S 19th St Terre Haute84-06-26-154-001.000-002Wells FargoUnterberg & Associates $61,270.47 VigoActiveSelect
10/16/201484D02-1401-MF-00726Church, Tara & Alfred III 1003 S 17th St Terre Haute84-06-27-289-010.000-002Green TreeUnterberg & Associates $84,453.36 VigoActiveSelect
10/16/201484D04-1402-MF-01617Trinkle, Jeffrey et al 1932 S 30th St Terre Haute84-06-35-277-008.000-002US BankUnterberg & Associates $98,922.40 VigoActiveSelect
10/16/201484D04-1402-MF-01274Stites, Gregory 607 N 39th St Terre Haute84-06-13-328-013.000-002, 84-06-13-328-014.000-002Wells FargoUnterberg & Associates $52,771.94 VigoActiveSelect
10/16/201484D03-1402-MF-01227Cox, James III 901 S 18th St Terre Haute84-06-27-286-007.000-002NationstarDoyle Legal $70,383.58 VigoActiveSelect
10/16/201484D02-1404-MF-02851Tubb, Jeffrey 1621 N 1st St Terre Haute84-06-16-179-005.000-002Fifth ThirdDoyle Legal $24,206.93 VigoActiveSelect
10/16/201484D02-1405-MF-03435Anderson, Tonya 501 S 4th St W. Terre Haute84-06-30-324-006.000-022Fifth ThirdDoyle Legal $36,165.55 VigoActiveSelect
10/16/201484D01-1309-MF-7787Hody, Diana et al 1913 N 26th St Terre Haute84-06-14-252-004.000-002US BankFoutty & Foutty, LLP $44,658.15 VigoActiveSelect
10/16/201484D04-1204-MF-2758McNeeley, Kelly 4415 S Tudys Pl Terre Haute84-09-09-178-004.000-004US BankFoutty & Foutty, LLP $88,652.18 $0.00 VigoCancelledSelect
10/16/201484D03-1312-MF-10522Edwards, Joshua et al 860 E Talisman Dr Terre Haute84-09-10-304-024.000-004US BankFoutty & Foutty, LLP $82,416.01 $0.00 VigoCancelledSelect
10/16/201484D01-1306-MF-5891Sears, Terrance II et al 128 S 11th St Terre Haute84-06-22-382-011.000-002US BankFoutty & Foutty, LLP $29,682.57 VigoActiveSelect
10/16/201484D03-1402-MF-1308Boyles, Ruth 1907 N 27th St Terre Haute84-06-14-253-006.000-002US BankFoutty & Foutty, LLP $31,255.56 VigoActiveSelect
10/16/201484D03-1303-MF-03032Herman, Barbara 1001 S 20th St Terre Haute84-06-26-157-017.000-002US BankFoutty & Foutty, LLP $93,304.69 VigoActiveSelect
10/16/201484D02-1403-MF-1887Bauer, Frederick et al 901 S 21st St Terre Haute84-06-26-158-009.000-002US BankFoutty & Foutty, LLP $81,366.74 VigoActiveSelect
10/16/201484D03-1104-MF-03731Beard, David & Amy et al 1606 6th Ave Terre Haute84-06-15-429-015.000-002US BankReisenfeld & Associates $68,082.71 VigoActiveSelect
10/16/201484D03-1310-MF-08840Rodgers, Wonda et al 1521 S 12th St Terre Haute84-06-27-380-012.000-002Assets Recovery 24 LLCReisenfeld & Associates $63,513.35 VigoActiveSelect
10/16/201484D06-1307-MF-6569Modesitt, Gerry & Karen 223 Highland Ct Terre Haute84-09-23-178-009.000-004US BankBleecker, Brodey & Andrews $268,599.80 VigoActiveSelect
10/16/201484D03-1403-MF-1848Brannon, Dennis et al 2129 Beech St Terre Haute84-06-14-156-011.000-002The morris PlanCox, Zwerner, Gambill & Sullivan, LLP $19,923.15 VigoActiveSelect
10/16/201484D03-1404-MF-868Johnson, Aaron et al 1839 S 25th St Terre Haute84-06-35-135-012.000-002The Morris PlanCox, Zwerner, Gambill & Sullivan, LLP $54,626.30 VigoActiveSelect
10/16/201484D03-1403-MF-1845Miner, Linda et al 3773 Park Ave Terre Haute84-02-36-401-006.000-013The morris PlanCox, Zwerner, Gambill & Sullivan, LLP $32,080.72 VigoActiveSelect
10/16/201484D03-1212-MF-10732Corbett, Marjorie & Danny 21 McKinley Blvd Terre Haute84-06-24-178-013.000-002, 84-06-24-178-014.000-002Bank of AmericaMorris Hardwick Schneider $53,610.80 VigoActiveSelect
10/16/201484D02-1303-MF-2730Gouchenour, Albert & Michelle 2691 Durkees Ferry Rd W. Terre Haute84-02-07-353-021.000-025Bank of AmericaMarinosci Law Group $105,741.25 VigoActiveSelect
10/16/201484D01-1310-MF-8721Foster, Charles & Barbara 2233 Liberty Ave Terre Haute84-06-23-163-007.000-002PennyMacMarinosci Law Group $89,102.56 VigoActiveSelect
10/16/201484D06-1401-MF-294Sanders, Vanessa 1824 Patriot Ln Terre Haute84-13-30-400-015.000-006Bank of AmericaMarinosci Law Group $250,930.27 VigoActiveSelect
10/16/201484D02-1302-MF-01692McCloud, Christina et al 5268 N 14th St Terre Haute84-02-34-252-009.000-013US BankManley Deas Kochalski $88,389.53 VigoActiveSelect
10/16/201484D02-1401-MF-00652Benitez, Elio 3040 S 12th St Terre Haute84-09-03-129-007.000-005Fifth thirdManley Deas Kochalski $78,734.43 VigoActiveSelect
10/16/201484D02-1204-MF-3129Marion, Peggy et al 184 N McQuilken W. Terre Haute84-06-19-379-012.000-022Terre Haute SavingsReddy Law Firm LLC $65,189.84 $0.00 VigoCancelledSelect
10/16/201484D03-1405-MF-03358Collins, Justin et al 8825 Stone Gate Ln Terre Haute84-09-35-201-002.000-003Crane Federal Credit UnionPaul J. Vogler $114,069.50 VigoActiveSelect