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Sale DateCause NumberDefendant NameProperty AddressCityProperty IDPlaintiff NameAttorney NameJudgment AmountMin. BidCounty NameSale Results 
06/03/201504C01-1407-MF-000100Adwell, Jack 210 N Main St Otterbein04-11-28-444-038.000-002JP Morgan Chase BankFeiwell & Hannoy $45,651.84 $0.00 BentonCancelledSelect
07/01/201504C01-1410-MF-000153Copas, N. Jeffery 207 N Washington Ave Fowler04-08-15-222-085.000-004Region BankFeiwell & Hannoy $52,454.61 BentonActiveSelect
06/03/201504C01-1411-MF-159Poe, Susan 301 S Main St Otterbein04-11-13-111-090.000-002Household Finance Corp IIIBleecker, Brodey & Andrews $95,610.70 BentonActiveSelect