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Upcoming Sale Dates

CountySale DateProperties
RIPLEY 9/1/2015 2
SCOTT 9/1/2015 6
TIPPECANOE 9/2/2015 27
BENTON 9/2/2015 3
BOONE 9/3/2015 13
TIPTON 9/3/2015 11
SHELBY 9/3/2015 21
OWEN 9/8/2015 7
LAWRENCE 9/8/2015 20
FAYETTE 9/9/2015 6
CASS 9/9/2015 5
MONTGOMERY 9/9/2015 15
UNION 9/9/2015 3
WASHINGTON 9/15/2015 9
ORANGE 9/15/2015 8
PERRY 9/15/2015 7
CRAWFORD 9/15/2015 4
CLAY 9/16/2015 7
HARRISON 9/16/2015 10
FOUNTAIN 9/17/2015 4
PARKE 9/17/2015 5
VIGO 9/17/2015 15
MONROE 9/18/2015 13
STARKE 9/22/2015 8
HUNTINGTON 9/22/2015 6
MARSHALL 9/22/2015 8
KOSCIUSKO 9/22/2015 8
CLINTON 9/23/2015 8
CARROLL 9/23/2015 10
STEUBEN 9/24/2015 3
DEARBORN 9/24/2015 18

SRI, The Sheriff's Sale System

Our Services

As a result of the ongoing mortgage foreclosure crisis, Indiana County Sheriffs have been confronted with processing and carrying out thousands of foreclosure sales per year. These sheriff departments face an immense amount of paperwork and phone calls in carrying out the administrative and clerical functions of the sheriff sale process. Privatizing the sheriff sale process through SRI's Sheriff's Sale Program eliminates the unnecessary administrative burden placed on these departments and allows them to allocate personnel and resources more efficiently toward more vital law enforcement functions.

A locally operated Indiana company, SRI, currently assists 33 Indiana County Sheriffs with the sheriff sale process across the state. Our goal is to handle all of the paperwork, phone calls from law firms, investors, owners and other interested parties, and day of sale functions for these departments, enabling their employees to focus on law enforcement duties for their constituents. SRI is a comprehensive service provider and performs a wide-range of the administrative and clerical functions of the foreclosure sale process for its clients: from processing the notice of sale, setting the sale date, verifying that property taxes are current with the county treasurer, answering all phone inquiries, conducting the auctions and recording and finalizing all after sale paperwork such as the clerk returns and deeds.

SRI's services come at no additional cost to the county taxpayers or the sheriffs' departments. All of SRI's compensation comes from the parties seeking the foreclosure sales, through a portion of a statutorily authorized administrative fee to recover actual costs directly attributable to the administration of the sales. SRI is committed to making the sheriff sale process more efficient, transparent and convenient for all interested parties. Our site provides a wealth of helpful information regarding upcoming sales and the sheriff sale process for litigants and their legal counsel, as well as county officials and real estate investors.

SRI is proud to announce that it has been honored as a Preferred Vendor of the Indiana Sheriffs' Association for 2011 and 2012.

For more information concerning the foreclosure sale process and the sales SRI conducts, please feel free to contact us by phone at 800-858-5292 or 317-577-0289, or CLICK HERE to send a message to our online help desk.